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About Us

It was April 20, 2010, and sweet, mellow Freckles sat quietly at her kennel door, begging to be freed from her incarceration at LA’s East Valley Shelter. She would lie in the back of her cubby, just looking out, hoping the next footsteps took her to a new home; she never barked, she just waited. The ladies who now form the Board of Directors of the Freckles Freedom Fund, decided that she needed a second chance, but what could they do from all the way across the US in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Louisiana and Florida. So, thinking outside the box, they offered to sponsor the adoption fee for Freckles which would translate into a gift for the family that could take her or the rescue that pulled her. With her sponsorship attached to her kennel, Freckles was soon free, and this was just the beginning of the Freckles Freedom Fund. Since that day, the Freckles Freedom Fund has raised tens of thousands of dollars to help free pups just like Freckles. By providing the financial backing, rescues are more willing to take wonderful, healthy and adoptable pets into their rescues. Over the years the group has expanded into helping families with medical needs to avoid surrendering their pet and supporting rehabilitation of neglected pets. Whether it’s financial backing, medical treatment or surrendering a pet, the Freckles Freedom Fund is proud of the work it does and looks forward to the many more pups it can save.

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